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Wat zagen zij?

De hele wereld vindt er iets van

Van Vrij Nederland tot The Washington Post: de documentaires die te zien zijn tijdens ons festival zijn besproken in diverse media. Hieronder een kleine greep uit de recensies:

“His particular talent on display here is a kind of synesthesia, making music into images rather than using music to enhance images.”
Beautiful Things, Time Magazine (Stephanie Zacherek)

“Films about Europe’s migrant crisis run the risk of being artful and exploitative. Now directors are seeking to redress the balance.”
Another News Story, The Guardian (Charlie Philips)

“At times, “Ghost Fleet” is so immersive that it’s easy to forget that we’re watching a documentary.”
Ghost Fleet, The Washington Post (Alan Zilberman)

“Ultimately, Before My Feet Touch the Ground is a cautionary tale with no clear answers – only forthright honesty.”
Before My Feet Touch The Ground, Filmmaker Magazine (Lauren Wissot)

“The film serves a valuable purpose by bringing to light the stories of those insiders who vainly attempted to make their voices heard.”
Inside Lehman Brothers, Hollywood Reporter (Frank Scheck)

“ʼKinders shows how those who are excluded and powerless find their voices. Are you also angry about how things are? Then watch this!”
Kinders, Die Presse (Sibylle Hamann)

“When music restores faith in humanity.”
Joe’s Violin, Huffington Post (Nicholas Alexander Brown)

“Mechanical spectacle and human pain make surprisingly complementary subjects in Rahul Jain’s composed, immersive Indian factory tour.”
Machines, Variety (Guy Lodge)

“Deze documentaire faalt – en is prachtig. Een geniaal video-essay over oorlog én over ons – mensen.”
My Own Private War, Vrij Nederland (Sander Pleij)

“Achieves its goal of shining a spotlight on its subject while delivering a fascinating true-life tale.”
Shadowman, Hollywood Reporter (Frank Scheck)

“The individual stories are fascinating but collectively they paint a picture of a society governed by poverty and prejudice.”
Tanzania Transit, Screendaily.com (Allan Hunter)

“This should be required viewing for all Americans, but especially those who think they couldn’t possibly be living in a surveillance state.”
The Feeling Of Being Watched, Chicago Reader (Leah Pickett)

“The rap music is – by its nature – raw, pounding, youthful, angry and aggressive, but with politics as well as social comment as part of the lyrics it strikes a chord with the youth of Havana.”
Viva Cuba Libre, Screendaily.com (Mark Adams)